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dois_livros_juntos1 Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

Are you struggling to achieve your first Linux LPIC-1 certification, but are struggling?


You spend hours looking for what to study?


The WORST thing you can do at this point to achieve your certification is to seek random information or not follow a course with an effective and appropriate method.


And believe me, in order for you to gain access to quality information, you do not have to spend a fortune.


It is very common that the high price of some courses will cause many to give up winning the career of their dreams.

More than 11,000 copies sold

It’s thinking of people like you who want to earn Linux LPIC-1 certification and become a more qualified professional that Linux Certification Books have been developed.


In it you will have access to all the information you really need to be properly qualified to perform well on the exam in version 5.0.


Passing a test like this is not an easy task, so you need to start preparing as soon as possible.


The candidate for LPIC-1 certification must have knowledge of the entire architecture of the Linux system.


In the book it is possible to find all this information in a simple, easy-to-understand language.

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Learn from who understand the subject

 is a Senior C-Level Executive with solid Information Technology background, Software Developer and Internet Architect Engineer with a 23-year career. He stay on top of trends in Open Source technology. As an educator, has reached the top, as headmaster of a Brazilian University for more than 15 years. He is also LPI’s Board of Director.


He holds a Master in Informatics and Bachelor in Data Processing, among other fifteen IT certifications, such as “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner”, “AWS Certified Architect”, “AWS Certified SysOps”, “CompTIA Linux+ce”, “Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate”, “Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator”, “CompTIA Project+”, “CompTIA Linux+”, “LPIC-3”, “CompTIA Security+ce”, “RHCSA”, “RHCE” and “Red Hat Specialist in Containers and Kubernetes”.


He is the author of 11 books, recognized in the world IT market, published in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, as LPI Publishing Partner. 


CEO and founder of Linux Certification Edutech, for 15 years he has taught Linux online classes, with more than 14,000 certified students.

uira-ribeiro Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

“One of the best books for LPI Certification”

“Welcome this book as it is a guide to studying and achieving your goal of becoming a certified GNU/Linux system administrator”
jon_maddog_hall_koolu_cto Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1
Jon "Maddog" Hall
Chairman of the Board do LPI
Captura-de-Tela-2020-04-17-às-22.53.37 Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1
Captura-de-Tela-2020-04-17-às-22.53.56 Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

You'll still be saving your time, as you won't have to keep searching for loose information on the internet.

livro_101-1024x768 Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

Book LPIC-101

Number of Pages: 288
Format: PDF
Published: December 2019

livro_102-1024x768 Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

Livro LPIC-102

Number of Pages: 210
Format: PDF
Published: December 2019

The First Multimedia Book, with over 130 videos to see how commands and Mind Maps work for memorization

qr-code-1024x846 Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

Just point the camera from the phone to the Qr-Code to watch the videos

qrcode_pt Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1
Captura-de-Tela-2020-02-28-às-09.42.24-1024x702 Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

Why now?

lpp-1024x433 Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

At least 97% of people when they acquire the Book feel satisfied. And the approval ratings are 93% of the evidence.


Now is the time to take your career to the next level.

You must live in the present, cast yourself in every wave, find your eternity in every moment. Fools are on their island of opportunity and look at another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.


– Henry David Thoreau, Walden.“

All you need to pass the exam gathered in one place

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dois_livros_juntos Book Linux Certification for LPIC-1

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